About me

I am a game theory researcher and teacher. You can find my academic profile here. In my blog posts, I use the language of game theory to try to understand why human beings do what they do in everyday life and what to make of that. Essentially, I plan to go through life as it comes at me, and whenever I encounter something interesting that I can describe from a game theorist’s point of view (which is almost everything), and if I find the time, I write this down here. I do this because I believe that game theory adds a layer of understanding to these problems that no other approach can provide.

Christoph Kuzmics

When I write these blog posts, I tend to think of either students of game theory or members of the educated public, or both. The posts can range from quite easy to read to being a tad technical. After all game theory uses a fair bit of maths, and occasionally I let this shine through a little bit. For proper game theorists, I will probably, nevertheless, appear a bit sloppy. I might at times imprecisely smooth over mathematically tricky points, and I might even make mistakes. The educated public, on the other hand, may have to endure the occasional formalism, when I feel I cannot do without.

As I see game theory as a very versatile toolkit to analyze any situation of strategic interaction, be it conscious or not, my posts range across many areas of human behavior, be it in economics (where I am located as a researcher), sociology, political science, or just as I like to call it everyday life. It is possible that I might even attempt to write about animal and even plant behavior at some point, as game theory (in its evolutionary guise) allows us to understand animal and plant behavior just as much as, if not better than, human behavior.

Finally, as on the edges of game theory are decision theory (how you should and how you do make decisions even when no other people are involved) and statistics (just the same but with data), my posts may also stray into these areas.